I first discovered ceramics in 2005, new to both the art world and Los Angeles. I went on to study art at a local community college and later at CSU Long Beach. I gained a BA in Studio Arts with a specialization in ceramics. Discovering The Pottery Studio about a year after graduating, I signed up for a membership and became a part of an amazing lively ceramics community. 



Kelley Burnett

Like many, I fell for ceramics in a college pottery class, but felt that I was barely able to experience the vastness of the medium after just one class. Since then, for almost ten years, I have studied ceramics in both formal and community classes, working on technical skills, mostly wheelthrowing. I am currently interested in making pieces that are functional for plants and cut flowers, pairing ceramic forms with botanical elements. 


I enjoy teaching ceramics as a way of sharing the generosity and understanding extended to me by many wonderful pottery teachers, and helping each student further their personal goals in ceramics.