the pottery studio

What started out as a hobby, quickly became a pottery business. We have been hand making our plates and bowls since 2014. The day we donated all our china plates and bowls from our  kitchen cabinet, we knew that we are in for a long and worthy journey. The intimate process of making a bowl. The glazing and kiln firings. Each process so complex, yet simple and natural. We can not help but feel so close to each of our pieces. With determination to get it right, we face our failures head on and learn from it. We love the imperfections of ceramics. You will see our ceramics at Tera at Eataly Century City, The Jeremy Hotel, Manuela, Hail Mary Pizza, Palette, Hearth and Hound and our restaurants, Blair's Silver Lake and Blair’s Eagle Rock. We share our studio with local potters and hold classes daily.

Thank you,

Marshall Blair